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GB3EI Analog Repeater Project

Purpose of this page is to provide basic technical information on the MD-8500

The MD-8500 is a Stand Alone DMR / Analog Repeater, it cannot interact with other repeaters via the connected network over the Internet However that functionality is contained in another TYT Unit the MD-9550-IP

It comes with 99 programmable channels and can operate from standard local AC supply and operate from a backup 12 volt battery supply. The unit is 19 inch rack mountable, weighs in at about 16kg.

Very well constructed heavy steel chassis with 4mm thick alloy front panel. Painted and anodized in black. Looks quite cool to look at when operating.

Internally the system appears to have been made from stock TYT Mobile radio units TH-9000D modified to become one RX and one TX. There is a custom built control mechanism with makes home to an ARM processor, two audio/digital processing chips. There is at present no way to change the firmware that controls the repeater at this time.

Programming software was at first a problem and has stability issues (version 1.00) on contacting TYT support they soon sent an updated (version 1.01) which then operated on Windows XP and Windows 7 without further problems.

Programming the radio with the supplied software was quite straight forward, however you must write the software twice, first to the RX and then again to the TX Note: TX and RX are separate radios inside the MD-8500 unit.

I have asked many questions via email to TYT support and have had quite prompt replies thus they seem eager to help with basic questions. Quite how that will become as I start to ask more complex questions I cannot answer.

Note this is NOT Planned to be a part  of GB3EI at any time in the near Future its information about other projects that the group have planned at other sites.

GB3GR MD-8500 DMR Repeater