Caberfeidh SIDX Project

GB3EI Analog Repeater

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New Picture will be uploaded as and when I get time and take some more. Some picís are related to other sites and repeaters.

Text Box: Mast Head PreAmp

Mast Head Pre-Amp and RX Diamond X300

Text Box: GB3EI and St.Kilda
Text Box: Keepers Dog

Coulean Meets Dad

Text Box: Repeater Site

How Remote Have a Look

Text Box: Mast Head PreAmp

Mast head Pre-Amp

Text Box: Barry G8SAU

Keeper Barry


Text Box: Roberta 2E0RBQ

Roberta Co-Keeper


Text Box: PreAmp Control
Text Box: The Day Job

At Work

Text Box: GB3GR Hardware

Tait 800 + Linux Server

Text Box: DMR MD-8500
Text Box: DMR MD-8500

GB3EI Communications Tower and other things

Date: 01/06/16

To contact us:

Phone: 0787-1175672

Fax: 01263-821827

E-mail: gb3ei @

DMR Repeater front and top side views



St.Kilda is just 50 Miles away from St.Kilda

DMR Repeater Under side view shows duplexer and control logic box