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GB7EI Multi-Mode Repeater

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Current keeper Barry GM8SAU/G8SAU Often found mobile and monitoring in the area. Works in the area Nr RAF Cranwell also USAF/RAF Alconbury and USAF/RAF Molesworth. During the evenings remotely monitoring the systems, (via-echolink) and on frequent trips home to North Uist

Put a call out if he is listening he will normally respond. Barry is looking for Performance reports, Received signal quality and through audio readability.

Roberta 2M0RBQ also Keeper mobile with GM8SAU (We both visit repeater site on a monthly basis)

Remote Ops Charles GM0HBF Mike GM1MLY distant monitor via internet is Kevin 2E0LSR  and Barry G8SAU


GB7EI Repeater


Clachan na Luib

North Uist HS6 5HD

United Kingdom

To contact us:

Phone: 07594925673

Fax: 01876580733

E-mail: gm8sau @

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Caberfeidh SIDX Projects

GB7EI Radio Repeater Station

Coverage map prediction of GB7EI Receiver coverage will be better than the TX coverage due to High Gain Antenna and Mast head pre-amp in use.

GB7EI Echolink Node 4261 Allstar Link Number 28203


Email keeper for access from your PC

GB7EI-R accepts all connections from MB7xxx-L Links

GB3xx-R Repeaters Only., unless you are in the access list

So send an email to the address at bottom of this page.


Special access is granted on Request. Your Callsign will be added to the Echolink PC User Access List