Caberfeidh SIDX Project

GB3EI Analog Repeater

APRS UI-Digi TNC2 (GPS Position reporting system)

For Later consideration as an when the group gets time to construct and the need for users who want to have APRS GPS Tracking on the Isle’s operates on 2mtr 144.800mhz UI-Packet frames. 1200bd

.This uses a custom built Mikrotik RouterBoard with a sierra AirPrime MC7710 LTE Card

I have found that the URI FOB has GPIO ports and will use a cop command to control the setting of the mast head pre-amp via DTMF tones *C90 *C91 off/on

Project APRS



Project ThreeNetworks 3G 4G Router

Mast Head Pre-Amp Controller

Projects Yet to be started