Caberfeidh SIDX Project

GB3EI Analog Repeater

Allstarlink Users


We organize and administrate a network of publicly-accessible (license required) Amateur Radio repeater and remote base stations accessible to each other via Voice over IP on the Internet.



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Uk Repeater Net


This web site is produced and maintained by Colin Dalziel, GM8LBC who is the Proposals Manager of the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC)  Colin kindly supported the NOV application for GB3EI our thanks to Colin GM8LBC



Uk AllstarHub Site


UK AllStar Hub, latest updates on the AllStarLink Network as well as being a comprehensive source of information on the technological updates within the RoIP network and how to information on setting up your own node.


UK XRF044 Dstar Allstar gateway

XRF044 is a reflector that enables Allstar systems to bridge to FreeSTAR* / dstarNET* systems allowing licensed amateur radio operators and repeater systems to converse with each other regardless of technology, geographical location and political bias.






Sinclair Technologies Inc

Sinctech are a manufacturer of high quality communications equipments for all markets.

Sinctech have supported our filter needs.


Javelin Broadband Ltd

Internet service provider and co-owner of the site sponsoring the project with the supply of Internet connectivity and the use of the communications tower.

SIDX Projects


Scottish Islands DX Group Caberfeidh is the home location of the keepers on the Island of North Uist Outer Hebrides Scotland.

Remote Access to Node 28203


Access to remote control the repeater access is password protected . Granted to trusted users only


Site WebCam from the Shack Window


       webcam     and     webcam2



Views to the South West from the Radio Shack Window and the High Res view to the North.

SIDX Projects